Why Does My Breast Milk Looks Watery? 

 January 13, 2022

A lot of women ask why does my breast milk looks watery? Breast milk will looks watery once the supply comes in. This is what is known as mature milk, and it has a thin and watery appearance. Even though it looks like this, it is perfectly nutritious and has everything the baby needs to grow and function.

Why Does My Breast Milk Looks Watery?

Why Does My Breast Milk Looks Watery And Are All Women Experiencing It?

Not all women notice that their milk is thin. However, it is commonly seen when pumping. When the pumping starts, the milk will look very thin and watery, and towards the end of the pumping, the milk will look creamier and thicker. There is a difference in this milk, and it is known as the foremilk and the hindmilk.


The watery milk that is seen at the beginning of pumping is what is known as foremilk. This milk is not necessarily low in fat but has a higher milk sugar content. It helps give the brain nutrition for development, increases energy, and helps to ensure that the baby is getting enough fluids.


The foremilk should be present for around five minutes. After this, the hindmilk will begin to produce. This milk has a higher fat content that helps the baby to gain weight and helps with overall growth. It is essential to let the baby nurse for at least ten minutes to ensure that they get both kinds of milk.

Why does breast milk looks watery: To Sum It Up

If a woman is pumping and she notices that her milk is watery most of the time, she may not be feeding enough, or she may not be getting adequate nutrition. Breast milk can dilute between infrequent feedings, so it is crucial to ensure that the baby is fed frequently. It is also vital that the mother consumes enough calories and liquids to ensure a proper milk supply. If the issue continues, a doctor’s visit or a consultation with a lactation consultant is imperative to help ensure that the baby is getting adequate milk.

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