How Soon Can You Fly With A Newborn Baby? 

 August 9, 2021

When my daughter was first born, I had an elderly family member that could not travel. So, we decided to fly her there so they could see each other. I was shocked that some airlines have particular rules on how soon you can fly with your baby. Also, I was surprised to see how difficult it could be if one is not adequately prepared to go on a flight with their baby. Fortunately, I learned very quickly, and any subsequent flights we took were much more effortless. Knowing when you can travel with a baby is essential for the baby’s health and parental sanity.

When Can You Travel With Baby?

The first thing parents may ask themselves is when can you travel with a baby. There is no set time for car travel, although it is a good idea to wait until the baby is a couple of weeks old. Speaking from personal experience, any travel with a baby under two weeks old is a literal nightmare. When my daughter was a little under two weeks, we decided to see my dad, who lived about four hours away. Even with frequent stops, my daughter was not a happy camper sitting in a car seat for that long. Short traveling trips will be alright, but parents should bring all the supplies they need and be prepared for frequent stops for diaper changes, feedings, and comfort. When you can travel with a baby will depend on the parent’s choices and their comfort level.

How Soon Can You Fly With A Baby?

If a parent wants to take their child on an airplane, they will like to learn how soon you can fly with a baby? There are several things that a parent will want to consider before taking their baby on a flight, and they include:


A doctor may not recommend air travel right after birth because of the baby’s developing immune system. However, flying with an underdeveloped immune system can put the baby at risk of catching infectious diseases. Parent should ask their doctor for their recommendations on how early they can fly with a baby.


One of the biggest questions you should ask your airline is how early can you fly with a baby on their airline. Different airlines will have different rules. For example, some airlines will make a parent wait until the baby is at least a week old, while others want to make sure that the baby is at least two days old. Any parent planning on flying should call the airline and see this information to determine how soon you can fly with a baby on that airline.

Babie’s ears

When a baby is on a flight, they will notice the cabin pressure, which may trigger some ear pain. If a baby has had any ear infection or ear surgery, it may be best to delay the flight for a couple of weeks.


Air pressure in a cabin is lower than the air pressure that the baby has breathed on land. While this will not bother a healthy baby, if the child has chronic heart or lung problems or was born prematurely, this may cause a problem.

6 Precious Tips When Flying With A Baby

When I was flying with my daughter, I wish someone had told me more about dealing with the issues better. These tips when flying with a baby will help parents to have a better and less stressful flight.

1. Consider your flight

Parents should be careful about what flight they book. They should consider things like flight durations, any layovers, and the airline.

2. Baby schedule

Parents will want to consider their baby’s schedule when choosing to fly. Before the flight, they should prepare the baby by taking some long car rides. If a baby is only used to short car rides in the car seat, they will not be happy when they are on the flight for hours.

3. Babywearing

Most airlines will allow parents to do babywearing while on the flight. Parents can do this through security if their sling or other carrier does not have any metal. The only time that babywearing will not be allowed is during takeoff and landing.

4. Birth certificate

Due to age requirements for babies on airlines, a parent will want to make sure that they bring the baby’s birth certificate. If parents do not do this, the airline will not allow them to board.

5. Packing for baby

Parents, especially new parents, will have the urge to pack every single thing that they can think of. However, it is never a good idea to have a bag full of stuff and not be able to reach the diapers. Parents should get a bag that will fit under the seat and not overhead as it can be challenging to get to. A parent should have a change of clothes for both the baby and them, several diapers, wipes, a pacifier, food for the baby, and a blanket. Some parents also choose to bring their infant’s Tylenol for ear pain if the baby has ear pain during the flight. They should also bring Ziploc bags to securely store everything and dispose of things like dirty wipes and diapers.

6. Patience

Stay patient while travelling with a baby.

Another big thing that a parent will need, especially if this is their first flight, is to have lots of patience. They should never get embarrassed because their baby is having a hard time. I know how frustrating it can be to hear a baby cry and not be able to do anything about it. Still, during a flight, there is little that parents are going to be able to do. A parent will need to learn how to comfort their child and ignore any hateful looks they get from others.

How Soon Can You Fly With A Newborn Baby: To Sum It Up

Flying with a baby can be a daunting task and not something that most parents would recommend. Still, there comes a time where parents need to visit other people, travel for work-related issues, or go on that much-needed vacation. Following the tips above and their doctor’s recommendations should help parents and their babies have an easier and more enjoyable flight.

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