How Long Is Frozen Breast Milk Good For In The Freezer? 

 August 11, 2021

Breast milk can easily be stored in the freezer, but a person needs to know for how long frozen breast milk will be good for in the freezer? There are multiple measures that must be taken into consideration to ensure proper storage. The answer of how long is frozen breast milk good for in the freezer is around 6 months regarding the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations, saying that up to 12 months can be acceptable.

However, you should be aware that the longer the milk stays in the freezer, the lower the vitamin C amount contained in it will be.

Storing breast milk in the freezer is a great way to stock up and have a decent supply for the baby. However, the milk must be prepared properly before it is placed in the freezer. Incorrect freezing of breast milk can lead to the milk going bad. The following tips will be helpful if you are planning to store breast milk.


Finding the right kind of container to store the breast milk in is imperative. The ideal container is the breast milk storage bag found in the baby aisle at most stores. These bags should be sterile and should not be handled until placing the milk into them.


When a person fills these containers, they will want to make sure that they leave a quarter free so that the breastmilk can expand correctly. If this is not done, the breastmilk can expand and burst the container. It can cause an awful mess in the freezer and lead to not having any milk stored. It is a good idea to only fill these containers for one to two feedings. It will help to ensure that no milk is left over and that it is easier to thaw.


A good idea to keep up with when the milk was pumped is to label the container. The container should be labeled with the date to ensure that it can be seen to know how long the milk has been stored.


It is a good idea to place the breastmilk in the back of the freezer. It will be the coldest spot and help ensure that the milk is appropriately frozen quickly.

When breast milk is thawed, it is still essential to check to ensure it is okay for consumption. First, a person should smell it and see the color of the milk. If the milk has been stored correctly, it should be the same color in the freezer. However, suppose there is any tint to it; in that case, it should be thrown away immediately as it is more than likely contaminated.

How Long Is Frozen Breast Milk Good For In The Freezer: To Sum It Up

As you can see the answer to the question of how long is frozen breast milk good for in the freezer will depend on the way it is stored. In order to ensure its safety, it’s important to take meticulous storage care.

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