Do Guys Go To Baby Showers? 

 January 18, 2022

A friend of mine recently found out she was pregnant, and we were all discussing her baby shower. One of the first questions that popped up was do guys go to baby showers. Her husband suggested that it should not be women only because he would be willing to attend, and he thought some of his friends would be willing to participate as well. I never thought about whether do guys go to baby showers because, in my past experience, they never had. However, it is becoming increasingly normal for men to attend baby showers, which is a great thing.

What Is A Baby Shower?

What Is A Baby Shower?

A baby shower is a get-together where people celebrate a new life coming into the world. Gifts are given to the mother for the new baby and for herself. Fun games are often played, and food is usually served. Games and food are often baby-themed. Baby showers can be done at any point during the pregnancy.

Should Men Go To Baby Showers If Invited?

Many guys are confused when they receive an invitation for a baby shower and wonder if they are supposed to go. The short answer is yes, they should go. If your husband is invited to a baby shower, he should go and have a great time. However, if you are the one inviting dads to your baby shower, make sure that they are ok with the idea. If you want to make guys more comfortable about coming, make sure that you include other men at the baby shower on the invitation.

Why Usually Men Do Not Attend Baby Showers?

You may ask are dads supposed to go to baby showers, and the answer is if they want to. Typically, men do not go to baby showers because it is generally an all-women affair. This is a tradition that has been passed down for many years. The main reason why guys may not attend baby showers is that there is some intimate discussion about childbirth. Not every man wants to sit and listen to women discussing that part of the process, as there are some details that they may not want to hear.

However, it is becoming more commonplace for men to be a part of the baby shower. So now, when asking can guys go to baby showers, the answer is absolutely.

Do Guys Go To Baby Showers Nowadays?

Do Guys Go To Baby Showers Nowadays?

Nowadays, guys do go to baby showers, and more and more often, they get to be involved from the very start. Many couples fight over different parenting issues. By inviting the dad to the baby shower, he can become a more involved father helping you to have a more equal spouse. When asking can guys go to baby showers, you will find that many would answer yes to help support their spouse. When the father is allowed to join the festivities, it helps to spread the love around and helps to increase the excitement of the upcoming arrival.

What Can a Guy Do At A Baby Shower?

Once you learn whether guys can go to baby showers, you may wonder what they will do at the baby shower. They can do anything that everyone else is doing. Fun games can be done like changing a diaper while holding hands, other diaper games, hospital racing, and more fun-themed baby shower ideas. Guys can also take part in the gift-giving by bringing gifts for the baby and the new mom. Suppose you are the host of a baby shower where guys will be attending. In that case, you will want to make sure that you have activities for both genders instead of having it women-themed only.

What Do Guys Wear To Baby Showers?

You may be curious to know what do guys wear to baby showers. The truth to what do guys wear to baby showers is that they can wear whatever they feel comfortable in. However, if there is a theme to the baby shower, you should let them know to wear the appropriate outfit. In some cases, the answer to what do guys wear to baby showers may be t-shirts that are specific to the event. If you want to have a fun time at your baby shower, you can always do a theme on the t-shirts like a baby, rattle, bottle, or other baby-themed items.

What Is The Best Theme For a Co-Ed Party?

What Is The Best Theme For a Co-Ed Party?

When you find out do guys go to baby showers, you will now want to figure out what kind of theme you will use for the baby shower. If you are worried about it being themed too girly, you can opt for a gender-neutral party. You do not have to do traditional themes. You can go as casual as you want to. For example, you could decide to have a picnic instead of the conventional baby shower.

If you plan to do party favors, make sure that you make it appealing to both genders. For example, men probably are not going to go for bath salts or something like that. Instead, try to think of different ideas like personalized coasters or mini liquor bottles.

What Men Should Bring To A Baby Shower?

If Guys Go To Baby Showers What Should They Bring?

A common dad’s question is what they should bring as a gift if they are invited to a baby shower. If you know a guy coming to the baby shower, you may want to give them a few pointers on what gifts they should bring. Having a gift registry is also a great idea and will help even the dad pick out the best gifts. It is also a good idea to have the guys bring a gift for the dad to not feel left out.

Do Guys Go To Baby Showers: To Sum It Up

In conclusion, the answer to do guys go to baby showers is a resounding yes. There are plenty of men that are now going to baby showers, and they have fun doing so. I know we are now planning to have all our friends, including the men, at our friend’s baby shower. The more, the merrier we say, and we hope to see this trend of men going to baby showers continue. So the following time someone asks are dads supposed to go to baby showers, make sure that you tell them yes.

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