12 Tips For Getting Pregnant While Breastfeeding 

 August 2, 2021

When I had my first daughter, I knew that I wanted to have her sibling be close in age to her. After my spouse and I talked, we decided to try to get pregnant while I was still breastfeeding. Researches show that it is not always easy getting pregnant while you are breastfeeding. This is due to the fact that breastfeeding cause irregular or no ovulation. Due to this, it makes it harder to plan out exactly when you should have sex to succeed in conception.

After reading this, I decided to do all the research to find the tips for getting pregnant while breastfeeding that would help me.

12 Tips For Getting Pregnant While Breastfeeding

Here are some of the things that anyone wishing to get pregnant should try:

1. Reduce nighttime feedings

Stop night feedings if you wish to Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding

Nighttime feedings should decrease to help aid in conception. A person should go at least six hours in between feeding. This will help to decrease the milk supply and will tell the body that it is time to focus on other things like ovulation.

2. Have a frequent sex

Since ovulation can be hard to detect while breastfeeding, a person wishing to conceive should have sex at least every five days. This will help to increase the chances of hitting the ovulation date.

3. Use ovulation predictors

A person wishing to conceive should consider using ovulation predictors. While it can be hard to know when ovulation occurs, using an ovulation predictor every day can help to ensure that ovulation is not missed.

4. Look for signs of ovulation

When wanting to get pregnant, a woman should pay attention for signs of ovulation. Signs include a higher temperature and the increase of cervical fluid. Taking temperature daily can help a person see a pattern to their ovulation. Charting is a great way to keep up with this. People can use an app or their computer to chart when they have had their period and any signs of ovulation.

5. Consider weaning baby

Working on weaning can help to increase the chances of conception. Weaning the baby will include switching the baby to solid foods and decreasing the number of feedings throughout the day.

6. Take prenatal vitamins

A woman should still be on prenatal vitamins, but if they are not and wish to conceive, they need to start back as soon as possible. Taking prenatal vitamins will help to ensure that the body is getting the adequate nutrition that it needs to be able to ovulate and have a successful pregnancy.

7. Hydrate well

If enough water is not consumed, this can lead to issues with fertility and even issues with breastfeeding. A person wishing to conceive while breastfeeding should get at least six to eight liters every day to help.

8. Have a healthy lifestyle

It is very important to lead a healthy lifestyle when wanting to get pregnant while still breastfeeding. The calorie intake needs to be high and extra protein should be consumed. One helpful thing to do is to make sure that plenty of fish is being consumed. Fish are high in Omega-3’s which can help the body to ovulate.

9. Be careful withΒ  herbs

You may have heart that there are some herbs that might be beneficial for a woman who is breastfeeding and wishing to conceive. It is important to note that you should consult a doctor before consuming any herbs. Some of them can increase milk supply which may hamper conception efforts or they may not be good for your baby’s health.

10. Exercise

Getting a moderate amount of exercise can also help aid in conception while breastfeeding. Doing simple things like walks and yoga can help to improve the health of the body so that it is ready to ovulate.

11. Avoid Stress

Trying to conceive may be stressful, and there may be other stress-related issues that a person goes through. It is important that a person do all that they can when it comes to mitigating stress. Stress can cause a wide variety of effects on the body and can even cause infertility. While getting rid of the stress is not easy, doing things like meditation can greatly help improve stress.

12. Consult a doctor

If a person has gone a few months and they still have not become pregnant, it may be a good idea to see the doctor. The doctor will be able to run several different tests to see if there is an issue with hormone levels and whether or not something is impeding ovulation. They will also be able to give a person tips for getting pregnant while breastfeeding to ensure that they have success. If there is an issue with no ovulation, the doctor can use several different types of fertility medications that are safe while breastfeeding.

Tips For Getting Pregnant While Breastfeeding: To Sum It Up

Once I sat down and did this research on how to get pregnant while breastfeeding, I made a list of different things that I could do. Changing my lifestyle around, decreasing nighttime feedings, and talking to my doctor helped me to conceive my next child. I had heard for years that it was impossible to get pregnant while breastfeeding, and I am happy to say that those people were wrong. All it takes is some time, patience, and some lifestyle changes. I also learned that it is important to see the doctor if there is any trouble with conception. Having my doctor’s advice helped me to relax and helped me to know that there is help out there if I had trouble with conceiving my second child.Β 

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